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Mova' Nature Baltimore

Green Juice Cleanse

Green Juice Cleanse

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Green juice cleanse consists of fresh fruit and green vegetables provided by Mova Nature. We have 1,2, and 3 day options available. 
  • 1 day Green Juice cleanse includes 6 cold press juices. 
  • 2 day Green Juice cleanse includes 12 cold press juices.
  • 3 day Green Juice cleanse includes 18 cold press juices. 

    Benefits Include: 

    • Hydration 
    • Increased Vitamin C & B
    • Increased energy 
    • Anti-inflammatory 
    • Improvement in gut health/digestive system
    • Assisting with Blood pressure 
    • Aiding in heart health 

    Included Juices:

    • Mova Earth: Celery, Apple, Cucumber, Kale, Spinach, Lime, Spirulina 
    • Earth Water: Apple, Romaine, Cucumber, Spinach, Coconut Water, Lemon
    • Walnut Mylk- Walnut, Cinnamon, Sea Salt, Sea Moss, Agave
    • Ginger shot - Ginger, Lemon, Cayenne, Raw Honey


    How to do a Juice Cleanse? 

    Option 1.) Fast completely from solid foods - only consume juices every 2 hours. 

    Option 2.) Add Juices in with light* healthy meals (salads, baked fish, raw/steamed vegetables, fiber, etc) 


    Bathroom usage is important for detoxing, to increase usage add healthy fiber in between juices or following day after completed liquid fast. 

    *This item has a prep time of 72 hrs. It may change when your order is available.*


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