Meet the Founder


Mova Nature's story begins with the founder & owner Kelli Redmond Bagby who began her health and wellness journey in 2019 after her sister was diagnosed with stage IV colon-cancer, and after the passing of their father after a long battle to kidney disease. Kelli began her research for holistic alternatives to help aid her sister, Danielle in her battle with colon-cancer. Fast forward to 2020 amidst the covid-19 pandemic, Kelli lost both her full-time and part-time job and began posting videos online for ways to remain healthy through juicing, herbs, and sea moss during the pandemic. Her audience grew quickly and "Mova Nature" was born. Mova Nature is pronounced as "muh-vah nei-chr" as a way to connect back to her roots in Baltimore, and within her community.  

Kelli's professional background includes working in juice bars within Baltimore which helped aid in her knowledge of the juice bar industry. She has also worked within holistic spas, wellness centers, and the healthcare industry as support staff, which aided in her expertise in creating environments that promote wellness. In a short period of time, Kelli has contributed in many ways within the holistic and wellness community; she has found a way to connect all of her background experiences and expertise into the lifestyle brand known as Mova Nature.

A word from the Founder: 

 "It is my hope to continue the work of those before me who have brought awareness and provided access for healthy nutrition & wellness to local communities. My personal experience with nutrition and wellness makes this journey very dear to my heart.  I am grateful for the lives of both my late father and sister - who were the inspiration for this brand and without them I would not be here to tell this story. My mission is to continue to tell their story through the growth of this brand, and to be able to inspire YOU to be the hero in your story. I give thanks. " 

- Kelli a.k.a Mova


(Pictured in photo above Left to Right:
Siblings - Nikiea, Kelli, Danielle, and niece Cache)