Fruit Seasons

Fruit Seasons

Have you ever wondered why fruits may taste juicier, sweeter, or more bitter different times in the year? It is because fruits have seasons! Each fruit season varies depending on the area, so it is best to understand your region to get a better idea of what is in season during that time. 

Eating within season allows fruits and vegetables to be fresher, more flavorful and higher in nutrients. In addition, supporting seasonal fruits and vegetables produced by local farmers helps to improve the environment and the local economy. Produce purchased locally requires less transportation, creates community, helps support smaller businesses, and helps to maintain farmland and nature. It also helps to understand how our fruits and vegetables are grown, understanding the growers, and creates a holistic approach to how we consume our food.

Winter Fruits In Season in Maryland: 

  1. Apples
  2. Cucumbers 
  3. Lettuce 
  4. Mushroom 
  5. Tomatoes 
  6. Sprouts
  7. Nettle Leaf
Check out to check fruits and vegetable seasons in your region.  



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