Celebrating Black History

Celebrating Black History

Hi, my name is Kelli, founder and owner of Mova Nature juice bar. I am especially grateful this year to celebrate Black History month, after opening in Hampden this past December.

It has always been a dream to open my own store, and after watching many powerful women in my family pave the way before me, I am elated to be here.

As a business owner within the juice industry, I am very passionate about creating a space that provides healthy alternatives that can help improve our overall health and wellness. It is especially important within minority communities, who are generally at higher risk for heart diseases, diabetes, stroke, cancer, and more according to the Office of Minority Health. Many of these health conditions can be directly correlated to daily stressors, eating habits, lack of accessibility to fresh/healthy food, and other health disparities. Mova Nature plans to continue to grow, not only as a juice bar, but as a health and wellness hub, to provide accessibility to information and products that can help improve our quality of life.

I give thanks to my ancestors, and every other person who made it possible for me to follow my dreams.

"I am my ancestors wildest dream"


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